Pro-Lifers Cheer as Trump Flips Third Appeals Court With Republican Judge, by Calvin Freiburger

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President Trump at Values Voter Summit, 2016.Claire Chretien / LifeSite

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews, November 20, 2019

Calvin FreiburgerJudicial nominations are poised to be one of the most lasting impacts of Donald Trump’s presidency, and his latest round of appointments has brought the total number of federal appeals courts flipped so far to three.

The U.S. Senate voted 51-41 last week to confirm George Mason University law professor and former White House attorney Steven Menashi to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Courthouse News reported.

Democrats objected that he was “extreme” and “unqualified,” in Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s words, and sought to make an issue out of his refusal to answer questions about his work for the Trump administration. Critics also attempted to make an issue out of Menashi’s college writings as editor-in-chief of the Dartmouth Review, in which he discussed the “overwhelming public consensus against infanticide” and reported that the Dartmouth health department was failing to inform students of Plan B’s abortifacient potential.  ….