PUBLISHER’S NOTE EWTN News: The Four Last Things in a Year of Scandal and Cover-Up

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October 30, 2018
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October 30, 2018



By Michael Warsaw, EWTNNews, 10/29/18

I believe we are in the throes of a trial by fire, a period of refinement that is preparing us for a much larger test we will face down the road.

On the threshold of another November, we would do well to keep in mind that the Church asks us especially this month to consider the four last things — death, judgment, heaven and hell. God is always seeking to draw us closer to himself, often through our personal trials and our collective trials as the Body of Christ.

We believe in a merciful Judge. But we also believe in a just Judge.

Throughout this year of scandal and cover-up, I occasionally have wondered if some in the Church still believe in divine justice. God made us to be with him in heaven for eternity.

Because we are fallible creatures, let us make repentance a priority in the time we have here on earth, along with living a good life.

Jesus gave us a glimpse of hell in the Gospel.

Sts. Faustina and Teresa of Ávila, among others, had visions of hell. We need to make sure more souls are won for Christ than the adversary.

I am reminded at this time of a quote from Venerable Fulton Sheen, who said, “Each and every one of us, at the end of the journey of life, will come face-to-face with either one or the other of two faces. …

“One of them, either the merciful face of Christ or the miserable face of Satan, will say, ‘Mine, mine.’ May we be Christ’s!”


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