Meanwhile, in order to signal that they are also on the side of the angels in this epic battle against bigotry, the “news” media wield their mighty pens on behalf of the noble cause. A textbook example of the assistance they offer to “the party of Jefferson and Jackson” can be found in a recent New Republic column titled “Trump and His Deplorables.” Its author, Matt Ford, begins by praising Hillary Clinton’s 2016 observation that “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” He then goes on to tell his readers that Clinton’s cavalier condemnation of 30 million voters was a highly nuanced argument whose wisdom has long since been vindicated:

Two years into Trump’s presidency, “deplorable” seems almost kind. It’s clear by now that racism is an animating force of Trump’s presidency, yet many of Trump’s supporters and most of the Republican Party still back him after every bigoted slight and discriminatory policy he makes. They may not be willing to admit that they agree outright with everything he says or does, but their continued political support makes the distinction meaningless. ….