Repeat After Me: Algorithms Are Not Humans, by John Horvat II

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December 27, 2021
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December 27, 2021

By John Horvat II, CNS News,  December 21, 2021

Everyone says artificial intelligence (AI) represents the wave of the future. AI involves the simulation of intelligent human behavior in computers. It uses algorithm-driven programming that allows the computer to explore and adjust to all possible choices and select the ideal outcome. Tech enthusiasts claim computers can approximate or even exceed human action.

Nowhere is the drive to reduce everything to algorithms stronger than at online high-tech firms. Powerful processing of personal preference data is supposed to suggest the most probable purchases. Everyone has experienced the pop-up advertisements that recommend needed goods based on past searches. With every click, AI promises to work with more sophistication. Some services even offer automated decision-making and purchasing without any supervision. …

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