Reproductive Rights Bill a Reminder of Pro-Abortion Push, by Chris Woodward

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December 14, 2018
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By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow, December 13, 2018

Should abortion be a human right? Some far-left Democrats are pushing that belief, so pro-lifers are advising the public to pay attention to what is coming.

The Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act would require the U.S. State Department to include abortion on demand and other reproductive rights in its annual human rights report.

“It’s a reaction to the Trump administration,” advises Life News editor Steven Ertelt, “which earlier this year prioritized real human rights issues by removing references to the so-called right to abortion from a State Department report, and obviously they want to consider abortion a human right.”

That kind of legislation is one reason pro-life voters need to pay attention to their lawmakers, he says, because it shows what congressional Democrats want to do when they regain power.

Sponsors of the Reproductive Rights legilation include Representatives Katherine Clark (D-Massachusetts), Nita Lowey (D-New York),  Barbara Lee (D-California) and Lois Frankel (D-Florida).

“Our founding documents discuss the right to life very thoroughly, and Thomas Jefferson said the care and protection of human life is really the first goal of good governance,” says Ertelt. “So protecting one’s right to live has definitely been a hallmark of our country for a long, long time.”