Rev. Graham: Trump ‘Defends The Christian Faith More Than Any President in My Lifetime’

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By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, January 22, 2018

Michael W. ChapmanCommenting on President Donald Trump’s first year in office, Christian leader Franklin Graham said the left and the media have attacked Trump “since Day One” and want to “destroy” him, but that the economy’s tremendous growth is “benefitting” everyone, and that it is “refreshing” to have a president who is not afraid to say “Jesus” and end Cabinet meetings in “the name of Jesus.”

Rev. Graham added that liberals hate the “name of Christ” and Trump “has been defending Christians…. He defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.”

Asked about Trump’s first year on Fox News Insider, Jan. 21, Rev. Graham said, “Well, first of all, I’m just grateful to the president.  I find him to be an honest person. I find him to be a person who is concerned about the religious freedoms of Americans, but not just us here in this country. He’s concerned about the religious freedom of people in other countries.”

“So, I applaud what he has done this first year, even though he has been attacked since Day One,” said Graham.  “The left is trying to destroy this man. It’s almost like we’re in the middle of a digital coup. And that’s what it is, a digital coup d’etat. They want to force him out of office. They want to take control of our government. We need to pray for this man.”

If President Trump succeeds, “we all succeed,” said Rev. Graham.  “If he fails, we all fail. The tax cut is going to help all Americans. Regardless, if the tide comes up, all the boats float. The tide is coming up and we need to take advantage of this opportunity.”


When asked if the people at the Women’s March were attacking the president out of ignorance, Rev. Graham said, “Whether they’re missing his approach or not, it’s working. ISIS has basically been defeated in Iraq and Syria. They’re on the run. We need to give him credit for that.”

“The economy – 8,000 points on the Dow, that’s incredible,” said Graham,  “31% growth, that hasn’t happened since FDR. This benefits everybody. If you’ve got a 401k, you are benefitting. And for me, as a Christian, it supports the work that we do.”

“Whether you’re an atheist, whether you’re a Catholic, a Protestant, or a Jew, it doesn’t matter,” said Graham.  “We’re all benefitting from this man. He’s a businessman. He’s not a politician and that is what I think is so good.”

“He’s a businessman who’s trying to fix a broken system,” said Graham. “It doesn’t mean he’s perfect; he’s no President Perfect. He’s got his flaws like we all do. But he is certainly trying to fix this nation, so it will be better for my grandchildren and his grandchildren.”

As for the persecution of Christians here and abroad, Rev. Graham said, “Let’s just take Christmas, where the secular world wants to take Christ out of Christmas. That’s why they have ‘Happy Holidays, Happy X-Mas.’  It’s the name of Jesus Christ that they hate.”

Jesus is scourged, as depicted in the movie The Passion of the Christ.  (YouTube) 

“The world is attacking Christians because they hate the name of Christ,” he said.  “And President Trump has been defending Christians. I find this refreshing to have a president who’s not afraid to say ‘Jesus,’ he’s not afraid to have prayers where people end ‘in the name of Jesus.’”

“We’ve never had this, not in my lifetime,” said Rev. Graham.  “He defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.”