Rev. Graham: University of Tennessee’s ‘Sex Week’ ‘Simply Promoting Sin’

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Photo:  Rev. Franklin Graham. (YouTube)

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, April 9, 2018

WARNING: Some of the topics discussed in this report are sexually graphic.

Michael W. ChapmanCommenting on the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s currently ongoing “Sex Week,” where nearly every imaginable perverted sexual practice is celebrated and promoted to young undergraduates, Rev. Franklin Graham said the school is “simply promoting sin” and “parents should take steps to see this stopped — or pull their students out.”

Franklin Graham, son of the late-, world-renowned preacher Billy Graham, further said that some media refer to the week-long event (April 6-12) as “Sodom & Gomorrah,” and that the university is “pushing this filthy trash on young people whose parents are paying good money to send them [their children] for a quality education.” Tuition for out-of-state undergrads is $31, 390 a year.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville, home of “Sex Week 2018.” (YouTube)

In an April 6 post on Facebook about the event, Rev. Graham wrote, “I’m saddened, disappointed—and yes, shocked—to see that University of Tennessee, Knoxville is promoting a ‘Sex Week’ for its students. This Fox News story refers to it as ‘Sodom & Gomorrah.'”

“It’s even worse than the name sounds when you read the events and classes on their own website,” said Graham. “They’re actually pushing this filthy trash on young people whose parents are paying good money to send them there for a quality education.”

“What could Chancellor Beverly Davenport be thinking?” said the Christian leader.  “There’s nothing healthy or educational about all of this. It’s just simply promoting sin.”

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Chancellor Beverly Davenport. (YouTube)

“I think parents should take steps to see this stopped—or pull their students out,” said Graham.  Alumni and the residents of Tennessee who fund the university should make it clear that this does not have any place at their state university.”

He continued, “I think pastors across this great state should speak out against it, and I hope Governor Bill Haslam will step in and make sure the group responsible is no longer allowed to do their damage at UT.”

How degenerate is the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s “Sex Week“?

In its schedule of events, the student organizers (and their “faculty supporters“) describe “Sex Week Carnival” as follows: “Cum one, cum all, to the Sex Week Carnival! Join us to kick off the week that ‘makes Mardi Gras on Beale Street look like a Sunday School picnic,’* mingle with dazzling drag queens and fabulous circus performers, and be dazzled by our three-Nuva-ring circus. Show off your skills at sex trivia! Try your hand at the Condom Relay Races! Test your knowledge at the Lube Taste Test! Winning games gets you tickets, and tickets get you prizes like sex toys!”

(Source, screenshot:, University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

Other events include:

Masturbation Nation: Join Dalychia Saah and Rafaella Smith-Fiallo from sex education group Afrosexology for a discussion of self-pleasure and masturbation. This event will cover the importance of positive body image and how to interact with your body in a physically and emotionally healthy manner.”

Butt Stuff 2.0: The Pegging:  Pegging is a sexual practice that’s slowly gaining prominence in the cultural eye. This event will attempt to clarify how to safely and healthily engage in the act, as well as demystify any misconceptions regarding anal sex. Dr. Lindsey Doe from Youtube’s Sexplanations will be leading the event and will address many facets of the subject, ranging from different positions to try and appropriate preparation tactics.” [Pegging is when a woman straps on a dildo and anally penetrates a man.]

Toys R Sex:  Everyone loves to play with toys! Sexplanation’s Dr. Lindsey Doe will be talking about how to better incorporate sex toys into your sex life. Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, sex toys can better maximize your experience, and Dr. Doe will provide information on how to properly utilize them in the safest and healthiest ways.”

A sex robot. (YouTube)

Sucking D & Licking P:  How’s your head? Sexplanation’s Dr. Lindsey Doe will be presenting this talk on having oral sex with different kinds of genitalia. Come learn about healthy and titillating ways to satisfy your partner and make some jaws drop!”

Describing the purpose of “Sex Week,” the student executive board that runs the event says on its website, “Sex Week is a whole week of student activities that our student organization called SEAT puts on during the spring semester. … Our goal is to create a safe space where students can openly engage in comprehensive and academically informed discussion about all things related to sex, sexuality, relationships, and gender. Basically, we want to educate, because this stuff is important!”

Artist’s depiction of Lot and his family fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah.