Rev. Jeffrey F. Kirby: Civil Unions for Homosexuals? (10/21) WATCH

Archbishop Viganò Responds to New Film in Which Pope Endorses Homosexual Civil Unions
October 22, 2020
Imitating Mary The Contemplative, by Jonathan B. Coe
October 22, 2020

Rev. Jeffrey F. Kirby, STD, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Lancaster, SC

By Rev. Jeffrey F. Kirby, STD, Grace Lily Productions, Oct 21, 2020

Daily Mass – Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Indian Land SC – October 21, 2020

Fr. Jeffrey F. Kirby discusses the virtue of Prudence in the light of Truth. At Baptism we are infused with 3 theological virtues: Faith, Hope and Love.  After these 3 virtues come the Cardinal virtues, the chief Cardinal virtue is the virtue of Prudence… “The Holy Father is calling for a civil union for homosexuals… He has a theological opinion contrary to the teachings of the Church. He has a poor Prudential Judgment that are at odds with the formal teachings of the Church… That means we have a bad pope”