Robert Kennedy Jr Confirms He Supports Abortions Up to Birth: “Even if It’s Full Term”, by Steven Ertelt 

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May 9, 2024
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Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr

By Steven Ertelt , LifeNews, May 9, 2024

Washington, DCIndependent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr has confirmed once again that he supports abortions up to birth.

He said in a new interview that he would allow women to have abortions at full-term if that was their choice.

As NBC reported, Kennedy confirmed he would not prohibit or limite late-term aboritons — even up to birth:

During an interview with podcaster Sage Steele, the former ESPN host asked Kennedy what the limit should be for women to have an abortion. “Should there be a limit or are you saying all the way up to full-term, a woman has a right to have an abortion?” she said.

Kennedy answered that he doesn’t think anyone would want to do that at eight months of pregnancy, but abortion should be out of the hands of the government and in the hands of women. …

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