ROOKE: Don’t Be Fooled – RFK Is A California Democrat Through And Through, by Mary Rooke

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May 7, 2024
‘Keane’ for Rupnik, by Brad Miner
May 7, 2024

By Mary Rooke, The Daily Caller, May 6, 2024

America has its first viable third-party presidential candidate in decades, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but he is nothing more than a far-left Democrat parading as a moderate.

It’s undeniable that voters are exhausted by the Democrats’ far-left agenda and the elite media machine that props up President Joe Biden. Voter support for Biden is waning in almost every demographic, including adults under 30, despite the full-court propaganda operation claiming everything is smooth sailing. While Kennedy looks like the perfect compromise between former President Donald Trump and Biden, the reality is that he would be more of the same. …

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