“Safe & Effective Vaccine” Caused ER Nurse to Have a Heart Attack, by April Snipes

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By April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNOR, America Out Loud, Jan. 24, 2023 

April Snipes has been a nurse for almost 20 years. She runs her own business as a Registered Nurse First Assistant. Working alongside surgeons in the operating room doing what she loves lead her to see a dark side of healthcare she didn’t know existed. …


April Snipes RNFA, BSN, CNORAs the media, government, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies continue to parrot the talking points that these vaccines are “Safe and Effective,” those who’ve been injured are left standing on the sidelines being gaslit by half of our society and the vast majority of our medical profession.

Most providers still refuse to acknowledge the reality that vaccines are causing life-altering damage to those who’ve been forced to participate in stage 3 clinical trials.

My guest is an Emergency Room Nurse who recounts her experience of having a heart attack after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “Elizabeth” worked in the same California hospital her entire 29-year nursing career because she loved her colleagues & truly believed in her healthcare system’s mission and values. When the vaccine rollout began, she was reluctant to participate.

“Elizabeth” requested to wait a little longer due to concerns she had about the speed at which this novel technology was developed and brought to market. That wasn’t going to be a problem initially, but when vaccine mandates suddenly went into effect, she was forced to scramble to get “fully” vaccinated within days or face losing her job.

This story takes a very interesting turn in part two, where we discuss the active cover-up occurring to prevent “Elizabeth” from being able to get workman’s compensation due to her vaccine injury. Everyone has been shielded from liability except those who were forced to take these “safe and effective” vaccines.

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