Sen. John Kennedy: ‘This Entire Exercise Began With Speaker Pelosi’s Ego’, by Susan Jones 

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August 3, 2022
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August 3, 2022

By Susan Jones, CNSNews, August 3, 2022

( – Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) told Fox News on Tuesday he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “unconditionally, but with an explanation.”

“As petty and self-absorbed as Washington looks like from the outside, you ought to see it from the inside,” Kennedy said:

“This entire exercise began with Speaker Pelosi’s ego.

“Now, when you’re talking about a nuclear war with China, you should take your ego out back and shoot it. But that’s not Speaker Pelosi’s way. She knows, after the midterms, she’s not going to be speaker anymore. She may not be in Congress anymore. …

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