Should I Stay or Should I Go? Catholics Discern Moving Over Social Values, by Jonathan Liedl 

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May 18, 2023
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Charlie Van Patten's family touches the Florida stateline. (photo: Courtesy photo / Chris Van Patten)

Catholic ‘value movers’ have relocated from places like California and Chicago to Idaho and Florida, motivated by a desire to escape encroaching immoral policies and live in more like-minded communities, with others considering following in their tracks.

By Jonathan Liedl, EWTN News, May 16, 2023

Jonathan LiedlJose Galvan wasn’t necessarily eager to move away from the Golden State. After all, the husband and father of four describes himself as a “born and bred” Californian. He’d spent most of his life in northern California and was fond of his Sacramento parish and Catholic community.

But his sense of belonging began to fragment in recent years. Pandemic restrictions limited access to the sacraments at his local parish for more than a year, a measure that Galvan found detrimental to his family’s spiritual wellbeing. This coincided with the imposition of a political agenda by the state government that he said ran “counter to our Catholic faith,” including taking steps to make California an “abortion sanctuary” and mandating instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to elementary school students. …