Signs of Hope, by Laura Hollis

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January 20, 2022
The Pope’s Rabbit Hole, by William Mahoney
January 20, 2022

By Laura Hollis, Patriot Post, Jan. 20, 2022

The momentum is moving in our favor. And that is a good thing.

It’s only mid-January, but we are starting to see signs of spring — at least if we’re talking about coming out of the “nuclear winter” that Democrats and other professional fearmongers have tried to keep the country in for the past several years.

As I wrote last week, the country is waking up to the fraud that’s been perpetrated on us with COVID-19. This is thanks in part to people like megapodcaster Joe Rogan, whose two podcasts featuring Peter McCullough and Robert Malone have garnered more than 80 million views between them. McCullough and Malone, both medical doctors, have raised serious questions about the government’s policies with respect to the virus, and the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, particularly for children. (Contrast this with the 270 Ph.D. students, veterinarians, engineers and others who recently signed a letter condemning Rogan as a “menace to public health.” The media was quick to run with this story as “hundreds of doctors” demanding that Spotify pull down Rogan’s podcasts. Um, no. And who cares? …

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