St. Joseph: The Strong, Silent Type, by Dom Cingoranelli

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November 29, 2019
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By Dom Cingoranelli, Catholic Stand, Nov. 20, 2019

When you think of “the strong, silent type” of hero, does St. Joseph come to mind, or do you think of a classic western movie hero? Yet, St. Joseph is a hero. Next to Our Blessed Mother, he is the most holy human to walk the planet. Unfortunately, many of us probably don’t give much thought to St. Joseph’s miracles and apparitions, or to the saint himself for that matter. It seems he deserves far more attention and respect than he receives from the average Catholic.  Although we don’t seem to hear much about them, there actually are many accounts of St. Joseph’s miracles and apparitions. Below I summarize just a few of them, in chronological order.

Miracle in Provence

One example comes from Cotignac, in southeastern France. After Our Lady appeared to a woodcutter in that area, St. Joseph later appeared to a young shepherd there. The thirsty shepherd was at work tending his sheep. A kind old man appeared and pointed out to him where he could find water. All he had to do was to lift an enormous rock. This he did, to his astonishment, and the old man, who said his name was Joseph, disappeared. Healings continue to occur at the stream of water flowing from where the rock stood. St. Joseph, a man of few words–the strong, silent type–assists the faithful to this day in their needs. ….


St. Joseph, most strong, pray for us…..