Sticks and Stones: ‘Words Can Be Weapons’? by Thomas Gallatin

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November 30, 2022
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November 30, 2022

United Nations, @UN, Nov 27

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post, Nov. 30, 2022

The UN’s collection of despots and thugs attacks freedom of speech.

While many Americans may take it for granted, our First Amendment right to freedom of speech is a uniquely recognized and protected right when compared to history and the rest of the world. For much of the world, the right of any individual citizen to express ideas and opinions without fear of government retaliation is nonexistent. Of course, the inability to freely express one’s opinions and ideas necessarily restricts and limits the ability of the development of thought, both for individuals and for entire communities and nations.

Authoritarians hate free speech because it exposes them to not only criticism, but also challenges or reduces their authority. Throughout the COVID pandemic, this reality of the authoritarian mindset was on full display, as those in power sought to shut down the space for the airing of contrary opinions regarding their draconian decisions, such as lockdowns and masking mandates. They defended this abuse of power as all self-labeled “do-gooders” do, arguing that all they were doing was looking out for the people’s best interests. …

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