Study: ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Decline in Births Set to Have Disastrous Global Impact, by Anna Reynolds

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July 17, 2020
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July 17, 2020

By Anna Reynolds, Live Action, July 16, 2020

A study published in the Lancet this week examines global trends in fertility rates and offers a stark prediction of what might lie ahead. The study forecasts population growth and decline through 2100 and found that almost every country could face diminishing populations. By 2100, some nations, including Spain and Japan, could see their populations fall by half.

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation showed that in 1950, women had an average of 4.7 children in their lifetimes. By 2017, the number dropped to 2.4, and researchers predict the number of children per woman will continue to decline, likely falling to below 1.7 by 2100. The global population is anticipated to peak at 9.7 billion around 2064, before falling down to 8.8 billion by the end of the century.  ….

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