Texas Bishop Wields Banner of Liberation Theology, Dr. Christopher Manion

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El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz

By Dr. Christopher Manion, Ph.D., Church Militant, November 1, 2019

El Paso’s Bp. Mark Seitz Champions American Version of Marxism

The Vatican’s Amazon Synod has breathed new life into the cancer of Liberation Theology, and El Paso Bp. Mark Seitz has picked up the banner and championed an American version of the marxist doctrine, claiming that it’s just what the Church in the United States needs.

In “Night Will Be No More,” a pastoral letter published in response to the August Walmart shooting in El Paso, Seitz resonates the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s (USCCB) long-standing assertion that “most” whites are racists, and no one else can be. Indulging in the bishop’s familiar, flimsy language of class struggle, he condemns our country’s “system of white privilege” that “becomes a tool of class,” culminating in “white supremacy,” which is Satan, “the evil one, incarnate.”  

He condemns our country’s ‘system of white privilege’ that ‘becomes a tool of class.’Tweet

Seitz finds himself in a world wrought by hatred and violence. He focuses on what he perceives to be the focus of the evil behind both: racism, specifically the hatred that whites have for minorities.  ….

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