The Bleak Future of Medicine, by Paul de Lacvivier

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February 12, 2024
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By Paul de Lacvivier, The Remnant, Feb. 9, 2024

Good old medicine, steeped in Christianity, is dying before our very eyes, amid widespread indifference.

The medicine of yesteryear, though imbued here and there with progress and pride, preserved Christian fundamentals, often unbeknownst to the practitioners themselves. This cursed post-war generation, oblivious to religion, nonetheless applied some of its fundamentals, perhaps unconsciously: hence the illusion, which lasted a generation, that one could do just as well without religion. But they ate the fruits of good religion, without realizing that, once these had been squandered, and without the Christian sap, the tree would fall into decay…

What are the characteristics of Christian medicine?

First of all, we know that historically, the greatest devotees of bodily life were essentially the greatest devotees of the salvation of souls: the nuns in particular, and the brothers. They were a kind of beacon for all doctors, who, even if they were atheists or apostates, could do no less well or be no less dedicated than the religious… The disappearance of this healthy competition is hastening the end of Christian medicine. ….