The Cover-Up Continues, by Janet E. Smith

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April 19, 2022
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April 19, 2022

Truth. [Image Credit: Shutterstock]

By Janet E. Smith, Crisis Magazine, April 19, 2022

Janet E. Smith, Ph.D., is a retired professor of moral theology.


Those who have become familiar with the fate of persons sexually abused by priests know that victims experience the indifference (or worse) of Church authorities to their abuse as a tremendous betrayal—something that does more harm than the abuse itself. They experience the Church more as Judas than the Bride of Christ. Indifference, dismissal, cover-up, and protection of the predator are common. Many books, such as Leon Podles’ Sacrilege, document that such has been the response to victims of priestly sexual abuse for nearly a century and perhaps longer. …

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