The Democrats ‘Transition’ to Radical Gender Ideology, by Kevin Burke

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February 6, 2020
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February 6, 2020

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By Kevin Burke, Crisis Magazine, February 6, 2020

Kevin Burke is co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, leader of the Fatherhood Forever initiative of Silent No More and a member of the pastoral team of Priests for Life.

Kevin BurkeIf you support Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, you’d better pay close attention to what they are saying about the transgender movement. If elected in November, their administration will have a direct impact on your son’s or daughter’s long-term emotional and physical health, especially if they are on the autism spectrum.

Wrapped in the manipulative mantle of civil rights, politicians are advancing this radical ideology that is literally mutilating and poisoning our youth.

On January 25, for instance, Joe Biden tweeted: “Let’s be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights.”

Likewise, at a recent CNN town hall, a self-described “transgender American” named Jacob—all of nine years old—asked Elizabeth Warren, “What will you do in your first week as president to make sure that kids like me feel safer in schools?” Mrs. Warren replied:

I want to have a secretary of education who both believes in public education and believes in the value of every one of our kids and is willing to enforce our civil rights laws.  ….

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