The Devil’s Reach, by Rodney Pelletier

Building Anew a Christendom for Our Modern Age, by F.X. Cronin
April 28, 2021
Pro-Life Groups Slam Joe Biden’s First 100 Days in Office: “Unprecedented Abortion Extremism”, by Mary M. Olohan
April 29, 2021

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant, April 27, 2021

Satan trying to destroy young souls

There are many targets in the spiritual war that is raging around everyone. But young, innocent souls are the top priority for the enemies of God.

Children are targeted by the culture of death, so-called LGBT ideology and Marxist politicians. But they’re also directly targeted by the same preternatural beings who birthed these evil movements: namely, the demons.

In March, Australia’s Sky News reported a grandmother is claiming to have captured an image of a demon standing over her grandson’s crib. While some people are skeptical as to whether it’s actually an image of a demon or a case of photo manipulation, there’s a certain truth behind such a story. …

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