The Global ‘Climate Change’ Shakedown, by Brian Mark Weber

Now ‘Climate’ Used to Justify Illegal Immigration, by Bob Unruh
November 11, 2022
“And The Word Became Ideology”: At The Synod, A Falsified Church, by Luisella Scrosati
November 11, 2022

By Brian Mark Weber, Patriot Post, Nov. 11, 2022

At this year’s UN Climate Change conference, the hosts put the arm on the U.S. and other nations for their share of “loss and damage” reparations.

Consumer prices are soaring. The southern border is wide open. Control of Congress hinges on a handful of extremely close races that have yet to be decided. So, what are President Joe Biden and the Democrats worried about?

Climate change.

The debate continues over the extent to which our climate is affected by human activity. In the 1970s, they said human pollution would send the globe into a deep freeze. When that didn’t work, they shifted their focus from global cooling to global warming.

But let’s just assume for a moment that left-wing scientists who’ve been predicting doom and gloom for the past 50 years are actually onto something. Are we to believe the only way to battle climate change is to embrace socialism? After all, that’s what the Democrats keep screaming. Give up your gas-guzzling cars, install solar panels on your home, embrace green energy — all heavily regulated and/or subsidized by government. That’s the sort of thing we keep hearing. …

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