The Great Barrington Declaration Gets Vindicated as Many Governments Lift COVID Mandates, by AnneMarie Schieber

Florida Gov. DeSantis Says ‘No Substitute for Courage’ in Fight Against Woke Institutions, by Jarrett Stepman
February 26, 2022
Invalid Sacraments, by Paul Murano  
February 26, 2022

‘The Great Barrington Declaration wasn’t a unique idea,’ said Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford. ‘The lockdowns were.’

(LifeSiteNews) — To hear Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford put it, there was nothing revolutionary about the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement he authored with Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Sunetra Gupta of Oxford on why COVID-19 lockdowns were the wrong approach.

“We had a pandemic plan that worked for 100 years for respiratory pathogens,” said Bhattacharya. “The Great Barrington Declaration wasn’t a unique idea. The lockdowns were.”

In a podcast interview with The Heartland Institute, Bhattacharya reflected on the Declaration nearly 17 months after it was published and took the world by storm. …

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