The Hormonal Hatchet Job, by Emily Zanotti

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April 19, 2024
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April 19, 2024

Woman hand holding contraceptive pill or birth control pill

By Emily Zanotti, National Catholic Register, April 18, 2024

Emily Zanotti is a writer, humor columnist, and Catholic commentator based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work can be found in the Washington Examiner, Deseret News, through the Acton Institute, and on her own Substack, Because, Obviously.


COMMENTARY: When readers drill down into women’s complaints about the pill, they don’t seem so illegitimate, and they certainly don’t fit the definition of ‘misinformation.’

The Washington Post and other left-leaning outlets are terrified that women are making choices — specifically, the choice to drop hormonal birth control in favor of more natural — and, increasingly, more scientific, options.

The “Democracy Dies in Darkness” publication fretted publicly, last month, that women were falling prey to “misinformation” propagated, they suggested, by a vast right-wing anti-birth-control conspiracy, using social-media platforms, to wean poor, unsuspecting women off the monthly pill. …