The Legionaries of Christ in late December made public a report of an internal investigation they did into the incidence of sexual abuse of minors in the order since its founding in 1941.

The results are very distressing: the report disclosed that the sexual abuse committed by its founder Father Marcial Maciel (who reportedly abused at least 60 victims, among them his own children), was not isolated to him alone. It identified 175 victims abused by 30 priests.  On Jan. 20, a new story emerged of unbelievably horrific abuse of very young girls in Mexico, whom a Legionary priest abused in a chapel in front of other young girls. The higher-ups of the Legion, and even Cardinal de Paolis, who was delegated in 2010 to reform the Legion, covered up the abuse. More stories are emerging, such as a recent one about two priests who abused minor boys at a seminary in Mexico.

These reports have sparked another round of demands that the congregation be disbanded. ….

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