The Most Dangerous Hour in America: Why Pastors are Telling the Government ‘Come and Get Me,’ and How You Can Join Them, by Nancy Flory

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May 18, 2020
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May 18, 2020

By Nancy Flory, The Stream, May 15, 2020

Nancy Flory“The Home Depots are full, the Lowes are full. People are moving around but the church is closed. So, I think my question to all those people is, when did that one hour become the most dangerous hour in America?”

Brian Gibson is pastor of His Church, which has locations in Kentucky and Texas. He has organized a movement called Peaceably Gather. Pastors around the U.S. are encouraged to reopen their churches this Sunday, May 17, in defiance of orders to stay shuttered. is a website for churches to sign up to participate and get more information about the movement. Any pastor who is concerned and wants legal counsel can receive that counsel free of charge from First Liberty Institute, the country’s largest nonprofit law firm, which specializes in religious freedom cases.   …

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