The Slumber of the Unaware, by Elizabeth A. Mitchell

Ministry Struggling Along With Its Home Community, by Charlie Butts
September 5, 2020
Saint of the Day for September 5: St. Teresa of Calcutta (Aug. 26, 1910 – Sept. 5, 1997)
September 5, 2020

*Image: The Enemy Who Sows (L’Ennemi qui sème) by J.J. Tissot [Brooklyn Museum]

By Elizabeth A. Mitchell, The Catholic Thing, Sept. 5, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell, S.C.D., received her doctorate in Institutional Social Communications from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome where she worked as a translator for the Holy See Press Office and L’Osservatore Romano.  …


Elizabeth A. MitchellIn Anglo-Saxon lore the great mead-hall of Herot, the palace of the noble King Hrothgar, has fallen unto disarray and ruin.  Joyful laughter and rousing songs have ceased, as the demon-beast Grendel nightly stalks the land.  Under cover of darkness the monster lurks, the gilded halls are dimmed by his destruction, and a deathly pallor has settled over all.

King Hrothgar’s misery at his kingdom’s demise “leaps the seas,” and is heard by the great warrior Beowulf, who, in true heroic fashion, arrives to face down Grendel and rescue this beleaguered kingdom.  Cognizant of the cunning tactics of the enemy and unwilling to compromise with evil, Beowulf lies upon a bunk to await the fight, alert and aware, a “wakeful sleeper” at the ready.  When Grendel attacks, Beowulf’s pure and noble strength prevails, thrusting the demon back to the depths of Hell, never to menace the Kingdom again.

Such vigilance is how the heroes of old protected their realms.  …

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