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August 2, 2023
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Screenshot. Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Fox News’ “Hannity,” July 30, 2023 (Fox News/YouTube)

Why is the Biden administration refusing RFK Jr. Secret Service protection?

By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator, August 1, 2023

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is the founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator. He is the author of The Death of Liberalism, published by Thomas Nelson Inc.


WASHINGTON — What has happened to the Democratic Party? Its elites have only one old codger running for the highest office in the land. The Republicans have at least a dozen, and one of them has held the presidency once already. He is Donald Trump, and some polls have him ahead of the old codger. By the way, the codger is really old. He is 80, and after him there is only Vice President Kamala Harris. All indications are that she is too young to be president.

Now there is one fellow who has announced his availability, and he has a familiar name. That is to say he has name recognition. He is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and doubtless he is out campaigning even as you read this feuilleton. I see no reason for him not to be running, though the elites snub him. Just the other day Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary for homeland security, declared, “I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not warranted at this time.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is, of course, the third child of Robert F. Kennedy Sr., who was assassinated in 1968 pursuing the same office that his son now covets. Psychiatrists, of course, would tell Secretary Mayorkas that the violent manner in which Robert F. Kennedy Sr. was gunned down is all the more reason why his son should not be denied Secret Service protection on the campaign trail — and do not tell me Secretary Mayorkas is unfamiliar with the psychiatrists’ arts. I have observed his squirrely countenance on television. …

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