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December 27, 2022
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A child being offered as a burning sacrifice to the pagan god Molech

David Kupelian explores deranged religious movements created by the atheistic left

By David Kupelian, World Net Daily, December 26, 2022

David Kupelian is an award-winning journalist, long-time Managing Editor of, and the bestselling author of “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

David Kupelian
In today’s America, the array of de facto cults masquerading as science-based political movements is vast, bewildering and ever-expanding:

There’s the “Climate Change Cult.” And the “Anti-Racism Cult” and the “Cult of Wokeness.” There’s the “LGBTQ Cult” and its out-of-control predatory offspring targeting America’s children, the “Cult of Transgender.” There’s the ever-more-strident “Cult of Abortion.” And the “Cult of COVID.” Overarching many of these, of course, is the “Cult of Globalism.” And there are many more, like the ever-expanding number of “TikTok Cults.” Every month the list grows.

To right-thinking Americans attempting to make sense of a nation gone mad, it’s becoming increasingly clear that these irrational, deranged – and often demonic – political and cultural movements that are so readily capturing the minds of millions of Americans are nothing short of full-fledged religious cults. …