Top Catholic Univ. Promoting Legalized Prostitution?

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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow, May 30, 2018

Most Christians in America believe that prostitution should not be legalized, but a Catholic university recently sponsored an event where the participants promoted the idea of its legalization.

DePaul University recently brought in prostitutes to the controversial event – referring to them as “sex workers.”

One prostitute even stated that she was in “training to become a professional dominatrix,” according to Campus Reform.

Cultural analyst and author of Children at Risk, Janice Crouse, believes that DePaul is being contradictory.

“DePaul University is a private Catholic university, but this program that they are advancing – and these ideas that they are advancing – are coming from the Women’s Center and the Design Center,” Crouse pointed out.  “So, you’re looking at people who are claiming that prostitution is something that is moral – that it should be legalized.”

The expert on American culture also believes that the promoters of the event are educators sitting in ivory towers – and totally out of touch with reality.

“Some of these women who are in ivory towers – talking about these issues – don’t deal with the realities that the police have to deal with,” Crouse contended. “They don’t deal with the realities of the pimps who are out there taking advantage of young girls.”

Participants condemned human trafficking and – at the same time – criticized President Donald Trump for signing the “Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act,” complaining the act criminalizes online escort services.

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