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By Tom Ciesielka, LifeNews, June 19, 2023

Washington, DCAn organization with more than $2.7 billion in assets and $1.9 billion in revenue, per its most recent annal report, Planned Parenthood’s own figures expose the abortion giant’s executives as among America’s richest, based on their compensation. A newly released report from the American Life League, The STOPP International 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation releases the salaries of the leaders of all the abortion vendor’s affiliates, along with those of the top paid employees at the organization’s headquarters, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

American Life League’s STOPP International, the only organization solely dedicated to serving as a watchdog on Planned Parenthood, has performed extensive research into the abortion conglomerate. Its analysis shows that this abortion empire, classified by the Internal Revenue Service as not-for-profit, is earning its executives big bucks. …