Trump’s Balk on Abortion Ban Sends Shockwaves Through Pro-Life Movement, by Jonathan Liedl

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By Jonathan Liedl, EWTN News, April 12, 2024

Jonathan Liedl is senior editor for the Register. His background includes state Catholic conference work, three years of seminary formation, and tutoring at a university Christian study center. Liedl holds a B.A. in Political Science and Arabic Studies (Univ. of Notre Dame), an M.A. in Catholic Studies (Univ. of St. Thomas), and is currently completing an M.A. in Theology at the Saint Paul Seminary. …


Reactions from the pro-life movement have ranged from mixed to entirely negative.

Jonathan LiedlDonald Trump’s refusal to support abortion restrictions at the federal level has prompted serious soul-searching within the pro-life movement, leading activists and commentators alike to express disappointment, brace for abortion advocates to gain ground, and even reassess the cause’s relationship with the Republican presidential contender.

The widespread reactions came after Trump — whose appointment of Supreme Court justices while president has been hailed as instrumental to the 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade —announced in an April 8 video message that “the states will determine” the future of abortion in the U.S, failing to endorse a 15-week federal abortion ban supported by many pro-life organizations. …

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