Tuberville Military Standoff Is Not About Abortion, White Nationalism or National Security, by Dr. Steve LaTulippe 

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July 17, 2023
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July 17, 2023

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville. Conservative leaders and activists joined Republican lawmakers at Maryland’s National Harbor for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This portion featured Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL) and former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who discussed “wokeness” in schools.

By Dr. Steve LaTulippe, America Out Loud, July 16, 2023

Steve LaTulippe M.D. is a physician board certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a Bible college and seminary-trained ordained minister whose focus was Christian doctrine and Bible interpretation. …

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is holding his ground on preventing military promotions in vacated top-echelon Pentagon positions. Some are calling it a game of political and military chicken, but this standoff is much more than that — it’s about obeying the law!

When Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arbitrarily affirmed that the military would fund out-of-state abortions for military members, he boldly snubbed the law laid out in the 1976 Hyde Amendment. This law has been revised several times, but as it now stands, federal funding for abortions is illegal. Austin knows this. But he chooses, like the rest of his leftist thugs, to completely ignore the Constitution whenever it’s expedient. In effect, he is saying, to hell with the law; we can do whatever we want. Don’t question us! …