“Unity Über Alles”: Bishop Burbidge in His Own Words (The Latin Mass Was Always Going To Be Banned in Arlington), by Raymond Kowalski

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August 24, 2022
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Above: the nave of St. Thomas More Cathedral, the apostolic chair of Arlington.

By Raymond Kowalski, OnePeterFive, August 23, 2022

Raymond Kowalski is from Rochester, New York. He is a product of parochial elementary schools and The Aquinas Institute. …

Raymond KowalskiOn July 29, 2022, Bishop Michael Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, Virginia, promulgated a “Policy for Implementation of Traditionis Custodes in the Diocese of Arlington.” Effective September 8, 2022, the Tridentine Mass can no longer be offered in parish churches in Arlington. (There is a two-year exception for three parishes, which may be extended, if they are making satisfactory progress toward implementing the new Mass.) In five other locations in the diocese, the Tridentine Mass may be offered in locations other than the parish church. The nearest location to me will be the gymnasium of a Montessori school.

The diocesan newspaper, The Arlington Catholic Herald, covered the story. The newspaper reported that the bishop emphasized two objectives: first, “…the Diocese of Arlington will be obedient to the Holy Father’s directives, working toward unity in our use of liturgical rites.” Second, “… the diocesan instruction related to Traditionis Custodes would be sensitive to those who attend the Traditional Latin Mass.” …

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