‘Vaccine Papers, Please, by Aidan O’Connor

Pope Pius XII and the Assumption, by Joannie Watson
August 13, 2021
What Does God Say? by David Warren
August 13, 2021

By Aidan O’Connor, Church Militant ,August 12, 2021

Pressuring Americans to get vaxxed


Dr. Martin Kulldorff: “Those who are pushing these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports (sort of vaccine fanatics, I would call them), to me, they have done much more damage during this one year than the anti-vaxxers has [sic] done in two decades.”

That was Dr. Martin Kulldorff — a leading epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School — addressing the dangers of forcing the jab. National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins, however, is pushing vaccine mandates. …

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