VIGANÒ’S DECLARATION on the Leaked Draft of the Supreme Court of the United States Regarding the Roe v. Wade Decision

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By  Carlo Maria Viganò, The Remnant, May 12, 2022

vigano crestIn recent days the media has leaked the news that, according to a draft obtained from the Supreme Court of the United States, the Justices of the Court are about to declare that the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973, is unconstitutional and must be overruled.

First of all, a widespread misunderstanding needs to be clarified: this potential decision of the Supreme Court does not address the moral legitimacy of abortion, but rather whether the 1973 decision conforms to the Constitution of the United States with respect to the sovereignty of the individual States. It is not therefore addressing an ethical or moral question with regard to the legitimacy of abortion, but rather a question of jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under the Constitution. …

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