Virginia House Passes Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortions, by Olivia Gans

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February 17, 2022
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February 17, 2022

By Olivia Gans Turner, LifeNews, Feb 16, 2022

Richmond, VirginiaIn a vote of 52-48 along party lines, members of the House of Delegates yesterday voted to pass HB 304, introduced by Del. Nick Freitas (R-30).

This is a sensible and compassionate bill that recognizes that babies alive after a failed abortion have a right to be treated the same way any other baby of the same age and condition would be. The few comments of those in opposition showed a type of tone deafness that is only to be heard from radical abortion advocates and promoters who refuse to see the human life central to every abortion. …

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