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Mother Miriam, head of the religious order Daughter of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope. (Screenshot).

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, April 27, 2022

Mother Miriam, a Catholic nun who hosts the popular podcast Mother Miriam Live, warned that if any Catholic, including the Pope, should in any way support or promote “gay marriage,” gender ideology, and the LGBTQ agenda, they are on the “way to Hell.”

She also stressed that parents must protect their children from these evil ideas and practices for parents will be held accountable to God.

Mother Miram (Rosalind Moss), is a Jewish convert to Catholicism. She is the Benedictine prioress and foundress of the Daughter of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, a religious order for women based in Beloit, Kansas. Her podcast is sponsored through, and can also be found on YouTube and Spotify.