WATCH! New Documentary Explains How Tyrants Use Fear as a Weapon to Control the Masses, by Patrick Delaney

Get With the Times, by Anthony Esolen
August 3, 2022
Latin and God’s Holy People, by Anthony Esolen, by Anthony Esolen
August 4, 2022

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‘If I can keep you in a state of fear,’ executive director Doug Barry explained, ‘we can get you to do things. We can get you to move in certain ways. Essentially, we can load you onto a boxcar.’

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews, Aug 2, 2022

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(LifeSiteNews) — A unique new video seeks to examine the psychological, spiritual, and even biological means by which dictators, tyrants, or other rulers throughout history have gained or expanded their power over societies, often leading to violent despotism and even genocide.

Doomed To Repeat It” was directed by Catholic media personality, actor, and apologist Doug Barry. The founder of RADIX, who is best known for his one-man performance of the Passion of Christ, told LifeSiteNews the purpose behind the film was to raise awareness regarding “the number one” method “tyrannical, power-hungry individuals use to gain power, increase their power, and oppress people, [and that] is fear.”

And there is even a biological foundation for why persistent fear is so effective for controlling populations.

Psychologist Dr. Joe Lipetzky explains in the film two areas of the brain that provide often contradictory reactions to the same events. The prefrontal cortex is the rational area that affirms the positive with self-talk statements such as “hey, I’m smart, I’m wise, I’m learning, I’m loving, I’m helpful and I really want to care.”  …

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