We Have Yet Another Data Point That Eviscerates Liberal Media’s Narrative on the Unvaccinated, by Matt Vespa

What Does God Say? by David Warren
August 13, 2021
Pro-Life Leader Saved From Death After Nurse Tried to Euthanize Him, by Alex Schadenberg
August 13, 2021

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

By Matt Vespa, Townhall, Aug 13, 2021

Matt VespaAt the start of the Delta variant, the media, the Democrats, and snobby liberal America knew who to blame. It was the unvaccinated. Yes, they make up virtually all the recent hospitalizations and new deaths. The goal should have been to convince these people to get the shot, not denigrate them, and certainly not mock their deaths. Liberal America took the latter route. The moral superiority complex kicked in and now those who were on the fence are firmly entrenched in their position to not get vaccinated. To make matters worse, the experts and the Biden White House continue to fail at messaging. The cherry on top of this government fail sundae is that they think bribing people $100 will boost vaccination rates. Some people are skeptical of government, some have questions about long-term risks, and others simply don’t want it. It’s their choice. It should always be a choice. Only a liberal would view the unvaccinated as a sub-human species. Yet, more and more stories have shredded this narrative. ….

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