What ‘Civil War’ Gets Wrong About Our Civil Divide, by Russell Shaw 

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May 2, 2024
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By Russell Shaw, EWTN News, May 1, 2024

Russell Shaw is a veteran journalist and author of more than 20 books. He was secretary for public affairs of the U.S. bishops’ conference from 1969 to 1987 and director of information of the Knights of Columbus from 1987 to 1997. He has BA and MA degrees from Georgetown University and an honorary doctorate from The Catholic University of America.

The 2024 presidential race reflects a nation divided, and voters are expressing dissatisfaction with both major candidates.

Russell ShawEvidently timed to coincide with the heating up of the presidential race, a movie called Civil War made its debut in theaters across the country in March. It is premised on the fantastic notion of Texas and California teaming up to wage war against a usurping three-term president. But although Americans are far removed from anything like that, extreme divisiveness truly is part of our current national life as reflected in our politics.

One source of that sour mood can be seen in poll numbers showing majorities unhappy with the choice they almost certainly will face in November between President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump. An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research sampling found 56% more or less dissatisfied with Biden as the Democratic candidate and 58% feeling the same about Trump heading the GOP ticket. …

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