What Happened at Possum Trot? Remarkable Story Shows How We Can Solve America’s Problems, by Evan Feinberg

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July 8, 2024
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Nika King stars as First Lady Donna Martin in "Sound of Hope." (Angel Studios)

By Evan Feinberg, Opinion contributor, USA Today, July 5, 2024

In Possum Trot, Texas, a single church changed the lives of dozens of children in foster care.

We’re looking for the wrong solutions to America’s biggest problems. It’s true of poverty, homelessness, mental health, addiction and so much more. Given the scale of these challenges, we tend to assume they need even bigger answers − massive programs and taxpayer support. But after decades of taking that approach, America’s problems have gotten worse.

What if the solutions are bigger and smaller than most people think?

What happened at Possum Trot ….

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