Why I Love AI (It’s Not Why You Think), by Julian Kwasniewski

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February 10, 2024
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February 10, 2024

AI image of Christ generated from the Shroud of Turin. [Jerusalem Post], The Catholic Thing

By Julian Kwasniewski, The Catholic Thing, Feb. 10, 2024

A musician specializing in Renaissance lute, Julian Kwasniewski is also an artist, graphic designer, and writer. He has been published in numerous venues including The Catholic Herald, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, and Crisis Magazine. You can find some of his artwork and music on Etsy and YouTube.

The Vatican’s “expert on AI” has declared Artificial Intelligence “absolutely positive.” I like it, too, but for very different reasons.

I was recently sent a podcast in which the editor of a Catholic journal surprisingly defends the practice of receiving Communion in the hand. Or maybe I should say “podcast” and “editor.” Because the voice could have been his, but was actually something AI-generated that sounded just like him.

The advent of AI-generated sound, text, and video is going to change everything. Now you can’t tell if a photo of your dead child is the result of a slick computer program or a real car accident. Or if a recording is your boss’s voice scheming to fire you or a clever reconstruction based on company meetings. Heck, this article might not even be written by me; it could be simply the result of statistical analysis of Julian Kwasniewski’s writings.

We must all wake up to the fact that the insistence on “evidence,” which characterized the past few hundred years, is on the verge of being completely undermined by AI generated items. There’s actually a word for it now: “deepfake.”  ….

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