Why is the Professional Left Enamored With Abortion? 

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January 17, 2018
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January 17, 2018

By Fr. Bill Peckman, January 17, 2018

Written by Fr. Bill Peckman:

“Why is the professional left enamored with abortion? Long gone is the Clintonian “safe, rare, and legal” mantra once held. It is replaced with a militant advocacy around the world.

First, the professional left is enamored with eugenics. Born of fear or elitism, eugenics seeks to control population growth so as to create a perfect humanity. It might take the extreme forms of genocide as seen in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and China, or in the widespread use of abortion as birth control. It might be seen in the sustaining of permanent underclasses, which once controlled, can be shrunk to elimination. This is why abortion rates among the poor and minorities are so high.

Second, the professional left is enamored with concept of the state as God. Certainly this is tenet of marxism/communism. Many socialist regimes disdain religion. If the state is God, then those who control the state are God. As a god, they dispense rights, have omnipotent control over every aspect of life, and can cull the herd in order to lead. Abortion is not just a tool, but it is a primary tool, of killing the unwanted who they feel will belong to potentially burdensome populations. Without an outside God, the state can eliminate by fiat and convince the population they are doing it for the good of society.

Third, the professional left is enamored with the concept of the state as the parent. The more decisions that can be ripped away from a parent who, like God, might not support the agenda or support the narrative, the more control over every aspect of life can be garnered. If even the most basic right, that to life, can be erradicated, then all other rights can be controlled and eliminated. If the state can replace God, the churches, and parents with the state, there is nothing to stop the full implementation of the eugenic agenda.

Abortion is the most nefarious symptom of the disease, but the disease is larger and it must be the entirety we fight.”

Fr Richard Heilman