Will the Vatican Force Strickland to Resign? by T. S. Flanders

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September 12, 2023
Bishop Joseph Strickland Offers Letter on the Eucharist
September 12, 2023

By T. S. Flanders, OnePeterFive, September 11, 2023 

Timothy Flanders is the editor-in-chief of OnePeterFive. He is the author of City of God versus City of Man: The Battles of the Church from Antiquity to the Present and Introduction to the Holy Bible for Traditional Catholics. …


The eye of Sauron has turned to Tyler, Texas.

The Pillar is reporting today that the Vatican might come after Bishop Strickland:

“The situation of Bishop Strickland is the agenda,” one senior official close to the dicastery told The Pillar, “and the expectation is that the Holy Father will be requesting his [Strickland’s] resignation — that will certainly be the recommendation put to him.”

The reasons given are the following:

“There are two aspects,” the official said, “there is the matter of the public scandal from all these comments about the pope and the synod, but there are also real problems in the diocese. Those were the focus of the visitation; there are concerns in the diocese about governance, about financial matters, about basic prudence.”

The interesting thing is to observe the great difference between the targeting of Bishop Strickland contrasted with the Vatican’s ignoring of +Vigano, ++Burke, +Schneider, who have all said things about Pope Francis which are equally or more critical than what Strickland has said. …

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