WND: ‘Call Evil Good, and Good Evil’: Secret Weapon to Seduce, Mesmerize Americans Now Revealed

SPECIAL REPORT: The Devil in Rome, by Christine Niles
August 23, 2022
This 94-Year-Old Grandma Has Been Saving Babies From Abortions for Decades, by Maria Gallagher
August 23, 2022

(Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash)

How tyrants and lunatics are enslaving Americans by redefining everything

How is it possible, millions of Americans are wondering right now, that the greatest and freest nation in history has so rapidly come under the almost complete control of serially lying, deranged, power-mad sociopaths? Leaders with nothing but contempt for America, for its history, its Constitution, its Judeo-Christian culture and its people.

How, they wonder, is the current ruling class continually able to concoct and carry out such staggeringly destructive policies? How can they get away with decimating America’s economy and purposely paralyzing its energy sector? With tearing down the nation’s borders and flooding it with endless millions of illegal aliens? With continually demonizing the least racist, most successful multiethnic nation in the world as somehow irredeemably racist? …

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