World Economic Forum Adviser Claims the Planet No Longer Needs the ‘Vast Majority’ of the Population

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Yuval Harari in a June 17, 2022 TED talk on Climate Change.

As a potential remedy to economically ‘obsolete’ people, Yuval Noah Harari proposed government redistribution of wealth, not just nationally, but globally.

(LifeSiteNews) – Top World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Noah Harari recently declared that the world does not “need the vast majority” of the current population due to technological advances.

Harari made the bold declaration in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of the popular TED media group, echoing past predictions of a “useless class” of “unemployable” humans.

Harai suggested that, in a departure from the 20th century, when the “big heroes” of political systems’ prevailing narratives were always “the common people,” now in the 21st century, people “are no longer part of the story of the future.”  …

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