Wuhan Vaccine Immoral? by Rodney Pelletier

Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy: The Pandemic and Repentance
April 9, 2020
(One) US Bishop Vows to ‘Refuse’ COVID-19 Vaccine if Made From ‘Aborted Fetal Tissue’, by Martin Bürger
April 9, 2020

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant, April 7, 2020

Vaccine using aborted baby cells

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In the rush to find a vaccine to lessen the loss of life due to the Wuhan virus, vaccines containing aborted fetal cells are being tested, and they may become mandatory.

Two American pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna, are incorporating aborted fetal cells into experimental vaccines, which — if successful — could entail mass-forced vaccinations.

Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest companies in America catering to baby needs, is also ironically one of the leading corporate sponsors of abortion. 

Many contemporary vaccines — including measles, rubella and chickenpox — were developed using cells from an aborted boy and girl from the mid-1960s and are commonly used today, and in many states, people are not able to opt out of receiving them.  …

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