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By Stephen Wynne, Church Militant, July 18, 2019

‘Not a Dime for the Diocese’ campaign seen as proof that ‘money talks’

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (ChurchMilitant.com) – West Virginia Catholics have won a crucial victory in the struggle to purge their diocese of corruption.

On Wednesday, Abp. William Lori, apostolic administrator of Wheeling-Charleston, announced a raft of reforms aimed at strengthening oversight of diocesan finances. The move came just before a lay-led financial boycott of the diocese.

In a public letter, Lori pledged to hire an outside auditing firm to conduct an annual independent review of diocesan income and expenditures, and to publicly report its findings.

Mountain State faithful are applauding the archbishop’s move. Charles DiSalvo, a member of newly founded reform movement Lay Catholic Voices for Change (LCVC), called it “an important first step in a long process of reform … a basic structural change that will help bring about a healthier distribution of power between the hierarchy and West Virginia Catholics.”

The diocese has kept the laity in the dark regarding its actual income and expenditures.Tweet

“Up to now, the diocese has kept the laity in the dark regarding its actual income and expenditures,” DiSalvo added. “With this increased measure of information, West Virginia Catholics will be that much more empowered to see that the funds they entrust to the diocese are spent properly.”